Sohaib Ali Amjad – CEO

We like to say we’re a marketing agency  that prefers to get our hands dirty and shatter all glass ceilings. We approch every campaign through the lens of how it drive you marketing goals right to the very top.

Amna Shehzad Shah – Managing Director (STOCKHOLM)

Business startegies are about making choices and deliberately choosing to be different.We consistently work to achieve agile targets and escalate our customer’s revenue.

Ghufran Khan – Director (Business Development)

We are dedicated to helping businesses reach their target audience and drive growth. With our comprehensive range of services and out of the box approach, we strive to create unique and impactful campaigns that enhance our clients visibility and sales.

Anna Khartseva – Director (International Growth)

I consistently seek promising targets and work towards achieving them strategically and aggressively  to drive customer’s revenue.